Bathroom Shelf Decorating Ideas: Natural Classic Touch in Modern Bathroom

Bathroom Shelf Decorating Ideas: Natural Classic Touch in Modern Bathroom – What comes through your mind first when you are imagining bathroom shelf? Usually, people would always imagine the usual bathroom shelf that looks like a bookcase. Whether it has door like cabinet or not, this kind of shelves has been used since the past and even up to today in simple houses. However, designers nowadays come up with different bathroom shelf decorating ideas. It might seem simple too, but it helps to give natural classic touch to a modern bathroom.

Wooden Plank in the Bathroom Shelf Decorating Ideas

Wooden Plank in the Bathroom Shelf Decorating Ideas
Once you browse with the keyword bathroom shelf decorating ideas, you will immediately find that the new shelf decorating ideas, either bathroom or bedroom, are made by building wooden planks on something. One idea that is quite common for bathroom plan is to attach wooden planks on the bathroom walls. Basically, shelf is made with at least 4 planks that are usually built in cubes or cuboids.

Two planks will serve as the wall on left and right side. Three planks are placed each in the bottom, on top, and at the back side. Sometimes it is made with doors and sometimes not. However, for this new bathroom self idea, it will only require a plank of wood. This is one creative innovation of bathroom shelf decorating ideas that is good to give natural classic touch in modern bathroom.

It is natural and classic since it uses wood as its material. Although wood is still used to make furniture nowadays, its natural color is always covered with different color. Even so, wood’s natural color would fit just fine in modern bathroom. Leaving it as it is with its natural pattern in white bathroom will make this wooden plank shelf stand obviously yet match perfectly. Don’t you think it is one of interesting bathroom shelf decorating ideas?

In most design images spread throughout the home design sources, wooden planks are usually placed on the wall from top to bottom in the bathroom corner, near the bathtub, or near the toilet. The number of planks being placed is not certain. Long planks usually require two or three, while the smaller ones require over than that. Indeed, it is simple, but it is one of bathroom shelf decorating ideas with different element that suits modern bathroom.

Bathroom Shelf Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Shelf Decorating Ideas: Wooden Plank Shelf’s Weakness

It is true that wooden plank shelf is one of new bathroom shelf decorating ideas that are a good decoration for modern bathroom. However, while looking at the image, you should be able to notice that even this new shelf idea has weakness. The weakness is that the things we place on it will easily fall down from the shelf for they only have a plank to stand on and wall to lean on. Once there is vibration, there is no right or left side with plank which serves as wall to prevent it from falling down. That is why you need to be careful with the things you place on them and search another way to solve this problem.

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