Bathroom Colour Ideas: Bright or Dim Theme ?

Taking care of the decoration of the bathroom is often dominated by the furniture or the vanities. What about the bathroom colour ideas? This kind of ideas is actually really good for you especially if you do not have enough money to get the new furniture and vanities for the bathroom.

Just compare the cost you must pay to get such furniture pieces and vanities and to deal with the color of the bathroom. And when it comes to the bathroom’s color, please don’t think that you can only do something with the paint. To be honest, there are so many other things you can do like the wallpaper, tiling on the wall, coping with the flooring option, and even the lighting.

grey bathroom colours ideas

Two Major Ideas

Technically speaking, whenever you are trying to do something with bathroom colour ideas, there are two major ideas to do.

The first is to make the bathroom bright and the second one is the opposite. But, it doesn’t mean that you should make your bathroom dark. Make it dim is actually good. In case you’re attracted to the bright theme, you’re going to make your bathroom become more spacious (at least that’s how you’re going to feel).

And for some people, bright bathroom is able to give them more comfort. Such theme is also nice if you often do something related to your “body treatment” when you are in the bathroom. Just take a look at how you’re shaving in the bathroom or you are applying your lotion. Don’t you think it’ll be better to have brighter bathroom.

However, there are also some people who want their bathroom quite dim. The main reason in doing this is related to the relaxation. Just imagine that you’re entering a quite dark bathroom and there’s a nice and warm tub in it.

Get yourself in the bathtub and enjoy your time there. It’s nearly impossible for you to keep your eyes open. You’re going to get sleepy there and in one way or another, that’s how you’re going to have your relaxation.

ideas for bathroom colours

Applying the Ideas

Now that you have understood the two conceptions for bathroom colour ideas, you should determine which one you prefer to have for your bathroom theme. For the brighter theme, it’s really easy since you can simply put some bright-colored lighting and wall accent (including the paint). It should not be hard for you.

Things might be a little bit complicated if you want to have rather dim bathroom. You should not make it too dark. It’s a good idea if your bathroom lighting has some kind of dimmer so you can adjust the intensity of your lighting. It’s also good to have more complicated accent to the wall like how you can put stones or even some nice and good wallpaper there.

And for the flooring, you can try to choose the rather dark colored flooring option. Sometimes, the curtains can also be good for you to set the mood by adjusting the lighting to penetrate in your bathroom.

Well, what is your choice? No matter what your choice is, make sure you do it right so you can get the greatest moment whenever you are in the bathroom.

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