Bathroom Ideas with Extravagant Design

Bathroom Ideas with Extravagant Design – The modern bathroom is a functional space, but also a room that offers comfort and relaxation after an exhausting day of work. If you find the usual baths unattractive, opt for an extravagant, unique design that transforms the bathroom space into a relaxing oasis.

Discover 3 ideas for a bathroom with an extravagant design, loaded with originality:


Bathroom with Jungle Theme

Inspire yourself from nature for arranging a bathroom with theme “Jungle “. Opt for wooden parquet specially manufactured for fitting in damp spaces. This wood contains natural oils that prevent water infiltration. Wood flooring for bathrooms is used in building decks, it is easy to maintain and comes in a wide range of colours.

bathroom ideas with jungle theme

Choose white sanitary installations, either in sharp shapes or rounded, for a contemporary look. Add a mat on the floor and bowls pots with plants in various corners of the bath, for a wild look.


Bathroom with Glass Design

An extravagant design can be created by using the glass. The room chosen to arrange the bathroom must have as many windows as possible, so as to penetrate a lot of natural light. A modern version of the shower cabin is the one with simple glass walls, which creates a geometric and transparent space.

bathroom ideas with glass theme

Batteries can be chosen in unique shades and shapes, from copper to gold. To make the bath more nonconformist, instead of regular windows can opt for stained glass.


Stone Wall Bathroom Design

You can get a remarkable visual effect by building a stone wall behind the bathtub, with a decorative role. The wall provides a unique and extravagant look through its irregular stones.

bathroom ideas with stone wall

The two contrast elements are the white bathtub and the shower cabin with glass walls. The latter has a fragile and elegant appearance, in opposition to the hardness of the stone. A luxurious tub, installed directly on the wooden floor and a chandelier with a complex design suspended above it all this unique aspect of the extravagant bath.


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