Modern Bathroom Vanities with Floating Touch

Speaking about bathroom vanities, there are many options you can choose from the traditional to modern design. Bathroom vanities normally consist of small cupboard with a washbasin on top which is placed on the bathroom floor. However, modern bathroom vanities do not follow this design forever. Although it is still used, people nowadays have come up with different design.

Modern Bathroom Vanities

Floating Sink Cabinet of Modern Bathroom Vanities and Its Advantage

Are you familiar with floating sink cabinet? This is a kind of modern bathroom vanities that is widely known and used in modern bathroom. For you who have already known it, yes, it is just a sink cabinet that is made to float by giving it smaller form and attached it on the wall without touching the ground. However, even if you think it is common now and you turn your back on it, there is advantage that you can gain from this furniture.

The advantage meant here is that it will benefit you in making wonderful bathroom design. Actually, modern bathroom vanities that are made touching the ground usually seem to give crowded atmosphere in a small bathroom. Things needed for washing purpose in front of sink cabinet are not that much. They are usually only toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, facial foam, towel, and other small things. For this reason, there is no need to have big cabinet below the sink.
This modern bathroom furniture is made so that we can only store what we really need and do not waste place more than what is needed. That is why floating modern bathroom vanities are made without giving much place for storage. Yes, it is small, but it looks chic in modern bathroom. The crowded atmosphere will be gone and you can even reduce your budget since this furniture is cheaper than usual sink cabinet.

More Storage in Floating Modern Bathroom Vanities

Modern Bathroom Vanities

Even though floating modern bathroom vanities are made very simple in its storage, you still can choose other bigger design of the floating sink cabinets. What you should choose is the one which has long floating top. Indeed, it usually has two sinks on top, thus it requires rectangular mirror as well. Even so, you can be wise by choosing what you need the most. Don’t just go and buy the one based on liking only.
If you live alone for example, you will only have few washing things on your possession. Therefore, more storage in cabinet is not needed and you will just have to buy the one with single sink and small cabinet or drawer. On the other hand, if you have many members of family, for this reason you should afford to buy the double sink cabinet. In this case, you can aim for the one which has more space of cabinet. For example, you choose modern bathroom vanities that look like cuboids. Cuboids vanities usually prepare long horizontal space below the sink top. That is why it is perfect for those who would like to have floating sink cabinet with more storage.

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