More Storage for Small Bathroom Using the Over-Toilet Spot

More Storage for Small Bathroom Using the Over-Toilet Spot – It’s really annoying to know that your bathroom has small size. You’ll surely feel envious whenever you’re looking for some ideas to make your bathroom feel more comfortable for you since the ideas out there commonly show rather big bathroom size.

In addition to the fact that you’re limited in decorating your bathroom, you will also feel cramped to be there. There’s barely any space for you to move around in the bathroom. What about the stuff that you usually have and use when you are in the bathroom? Where will you put them?

bathroom storage cabinet over toilet

Yep, the terribly-and-annoyingly cramping fact is one thing but the matter of storage in the bathroom is another thing. What to do about this?

Well, one thing that you must change from your way of thinking with your small bathroom condition is the fact that you must never think there’s nothing you can do about it. You must not think that your bathroom will never be comfortable.

The size of the bathroom is just an aspect after all. Deal with it, and you’ll find your bathroom can become a totally more awesome. For this matter, it’s a good thing for you to figure out what to do with the storage space. How can you use your limited bathroom size and optimally provide some storage space? Is there any spot for you to use?

Providing Storage Area over Your Toilet

Bathroom storage over toilet, have you ever heard about it? You might never imagine about using the space above your toilet as your storage area. You usually leave such spot vacant. That’s the mistake people usually do.

If you can really use the space optimally, why don’t you use it? And yes, to put some storage space over your toilet can become a totally great idea for you to do. It’s not so hard for sure. Technically speaking, you only need to find a kind of cabinet, attach it to the wall above your toilet, and you’re done!

bathroom storage over toilet - ideas

What You Should Use

Basically, it’s not always about having cabinets. You can actually use anything that can be used as storage space like the shelves. One quick tip about this kind of storage positioning is that you must make sure the storage space is attached to the wall strongly.

You don’t want the storage falls to you when you are using your toilet. Make sure also that the storage space is within your reach and at the same time, it should not be easily reached. I believe you’re confused about this. Well, let me make it simple.

Your shelves or cabinets should be easy for you to reach so you can grab anything that you need. However, make it certain too that you will not accidentally slap or hit the shelves or cabinets whenever you are using the toilet.

Pay More Attention to the Positioning

Moreover, for the positioning of the bathroom storage over toilet, you must make it certain that your head won’t hit it when you get up from your toilet. Yes, some planning is totally necessary so you can really optimize the storage space of your small bathroom without harming you.

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