Short Guide on How to Tile A Bathroom Floor

When it comes to tile a bathroom floor, some people will directly give the power to the professionals. However, they don’t realize that they’re actually capable of doing it. Similar thing happens to you; you actually can learn on how to tile a bathroom floor. With these steps, you’ll have power over your bathroom tiles and also your budget.

how to tile bathroom floor


First of all, finding the right tile is important. This process will prevent you from choosing the wrong tile that can make you do the same process over again. When buying the tile, make sure that it has durability and great appearance that attracts you.

There are different types of tile based on the material: Ceramic and porcelain, vinyl, plastic laminate, natural stones, and wood. Ceramic and porcelain have durability, great appearance, and strength that last longer. This tile will be suitable for elegant and luxurious look in your bathroom.

Most people use vinyl as their bathroom tile. Vinyl is easier to install and affordable. Vinyl comes with strong adhesiveness and you don’t need to add other adhesives. The easiness in the installation process can be seen from its instruction that you’ll get.

Plastic laminate seems to be simple. It also comes with various designs and it’s more than vinyl’s. However, their quality balances with the price because it’s more expensive.

Meanwhile, there are also other tile materials, such as natural stone, wooden, or even gloss. Usually, you’ll find many packs of tile. The area of your tile depends on the size and numbers of the tile.

However, it’s also possible that you’ll find tile whose size is not suitable with your floor plan. If this happens, you can ask professionals to cut the tile for you, while you also can do it by yourself.

simple guide on how to tile bathroom floor

The Steps

First, get your floor ready. It’s important to clean the surface, so there won’t be any dirt, especially if there’s left over from the construction. If there’s still dirt; it can disturb the tiling process, especially when you’re applying the mortar. Also, it’s important to keep the surface flat and solid.

Second, placing the first floor is important. This process decides on how the next tile will be positioned. The problem lies when the bathroom is not perfectly square or the wall position may not as proportional as you’ve predicted before.

In the beginning, it’s better to start positioning the tile at the center of the room. You shouldn’t position the tile against the wall or near the wall because it may give a messy ending. If you place the first tile in the center, you can continue the process to the many areas.

Third, it’s time to mix the mortar. If you want it easier, you can buy pre-mixed tubs. It’s more expensive though, but it makes your work a lot easier. When mixing the mortar, it’s important to do it outside because the dust can make your bathroom looks dirty. After that, you can apply the mortar not more than once. You can use notched towel when applying it with 45-degree as the angle.

The fourth process on how to tile a bathroom floor is by giving pressure to the first tile. In this process, make sure you give the same pressure to all surfaces of the tile. You can do it with your hands or cover your hands first with cloth as he protection.

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