The Eclectic Style of Teen Bathroom Ideas

The Eclectic Style of Teen Bathroom Ideas – Teen bathroom ideas are quite a lot that can be found on various home design sources. One of them that you can try is the one that is design based on the eclectic style. Basically, eclectic style is design that requires us to arrange a room with many different themes. The themes are all in one room without seem to look in a mess. That is why it is the perfect style of blending in home design. Below, the writer would like to recommend you with one example of eclectic bathroom ideas.

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Teen Bathroom Ideas: Eclectic Bathroom of Creative Interior Designs

Creative Interior Designs are one of many designers who have created wonderful bathroom ideas. However, the writer is sure that you would like its teen bathroom ideas that are made with eclectic style. Bearing the same name as the style, Eclectic Bathroom is made with perfect blending and will only leave you in amazement upon seeing the plan image.
By observing the image of this bathroom idea, you can find that this one of teen bathroom ideas is made with two major colors; red and white. The red is mostly featured on the wall and furniture, while the white is mostly the roof and the floor. First, on the roof part, there is one white glass chandelier that is often used in the past. This traditional furniture is good to be placed on the white roof since it will brighten the place below it which is mostly featured with red color.
On the wall, you will have girl wall art picture that is always perfect for teen bathroom ideas. This teen bathroom plan that is designed in the corner of the room also has pretty opaque tile. It is red and pink, yet so shiny when it is illuminated by the light up above. In the middle of the tile you will have big classic mirror with pink frame. On each its side, there are two additional lamps that is meant to make elegant touch with its yellow light when the chandelier is turned off.
This bathroom idea is just different than other modern teen bathroom ideas that quite rely on modern furniture. However, this bathroom uses simple pink wooden cabinet with cupboard only and white sink on top with red cabinet top. There are also white vase and soap bottles to complete it. Lastly, floor is perfectly designed with red shag rug comfortable to stand on.

Teen Bathroom Ideas


People’s Review on the Eclectic Bathroom of Teen Bathroom Ideas

After knowing the idea, then you can expect that there are many reviewers who show their interest in this bathroom idea. Everyone agrees that this is one of fantastic teen bathroom ideas. It is just perfect for teenagers. Of course, it is actually intended for the girls. Both the design and the color choice suit them in their blossoming age. It is neither too simple nor too modern. Even so, it is so unique and attractive. Young girls will not be able to say no when they are offered this idea on their bathroom. Eclectic Bathroom sure is amazing.

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