Vintage Bathroom Ideas: the Feeling of Being Brought Back to the Past

Vintage bathroom ideas are a kind of ideas which allow you to bring past image to the present time. Of course, bringing past image to the present time does not mean in literal way. It means that we decorate our bathroom by taking the inspiration from the past bathroom ideas. Past time is full of nostalgic feelings. That is why you can bring back those feelings and represent them through vintage home design.

Knowing Further about Things Needed in Vintage Bathroom Ideas

Like the writer said, vintage bathroom ideas are not always made into an exact image of the past. Sometimes we only bring in some antique furniture to our bathroom. For example, patterned mirror frame is enough if you can afford the bigger one. With this, you don’t really need to buy other vintage furniture. However, you can always purposely buy vintage sink cabinet if you ever want one. Moreover, things like sink without cabinet, chandelier, fixture lamp, big bathtub, candles, and folded screen are sometimes needed in vintage bathroom plan.

Actually, vintage bathroom ideas do not only require us to buy vintage furniture. Even color choice can contribute in making vintage bathroom. Normally, bathroom with this idea on does not use too bright color and only choose the calm one, like white, turquoise, light blue, cream, pale pink, gray, etc. As for the wall and floor, it is actually best chosen with tile. You can also choose whichever pattern you like, such as hexagons or squares. Even so, rectangular pattern like brick will do just fine as well since it looks classic to begin with.

vintage bathroom ideas


DIY Vintage Bathroom Ideas

Here, the writer would like to share one example of making DIY vintage bathroom. It is not that hard to make vintage bathroom ideas on your own as long as you are able to afford what you really need to make one. For you who only want to have classic touch on your bathroom, then you just need to give small remodeling without even change it wholly. Even simple classic touch sometimes is enough to make us feel that we are in the past.
You can place long vertical mirror above the sink without cabinet below it. Fixture lamp would be good on each side of the mirror. Meanwhile, you can just place your bathtub without attaching it on the wall. Placing screen near it that can be folded will bring more classic touch since this thing is often used in the past. Furthermore, vintage bathroom ideas are best with chandelier as well.

vintage bathroom ideas
However, chandelier is actually quite expensive, thus you can just put candles in candlestick although you need to turn on the fixture lamp so that it will not be too dark. For this kind of vintage bathroom ideas, you need to have white color on your wall. If not, the yellow light will not be able to illuminate very well and bring past look in. As for the floor, patterned tile is the best for it has been used since the past. You should also remember to choose the calm color, like light blue for this one as well. With this, now you have made one of simple DIY vintage bathroom ideas on your bathroom.

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